Is A Side Part Out Of Fashion? New Poll Weighs In

Lately I've seen a lot of Zoomers on TikTok hating on us Millennials and our love for side parts and skinny jeans. As much as I'm grateful that I can rock both a side part and a middle one - it's the hate for skinny jeans that really has me SMH.

Back in the 90's, and even the early 2000's do you remember when flare leg jeans were in? The ones that I remember being popular were practically bell bottoms. Super fun, however for those of us in the 5'2" and under club, every time it rained we were forced to endure SOGGY legs all day. Ewwww. I couldn't have been more grateful once those phased out.

I mean, thank goodness I had my Steve Madden platform sandals to keep those bottoms off the ground. 🤦‍♀️

Well according to the results of a new survey, here's how people REALLY feel about the trends today:

  • Overall 36% of Americans think it’s fashionable to part your hair in the middle, while 47% think it’s fashionable to part it on the side.
  • But Gen Z find both the middle and side part equally fashionable, as do Millennials.
  • 49% of those polled still consider skinny jeans fashionable, while 58% of U.S. adults say the fanny pack is not fashionable.

Source: YouGov

Be honest, how do you feel about side parts and skinny jeans? Send me a DM at @wendywildradio.

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