Is Doing Laundry The Highlight Of Your Week? New Survey Says It Is For Many

A new survey found that 32% of respondents said doing laundry is the highlight of their week.

Say what?! I have so many opinions. For one, I LOVE starting the week with fresh clean clothes... however, my building has a shared laundry room and that sucks the fun right out. Broken machines, check. One person monopolizing all of the washers, check. So for me personally, no. Doing laundry is NOT the highlight of my week. Here are the results of this new survey though:

69% said after spending so much time indoors, any new experience feels like a thrill. (This likely applies to leaving the home for a laundromat.)

Other “thrilling” activities: Grocery shopping (44%), taking a walk (44%), and getting gas (35%).

This is why I try to on the regular get outside and enjoy a walk. What do you think fo the results of this survey?

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