How To Make Your Own Signature Scent Using Fragrance Oils

One fun fact about me: I have always been a scent collector.

I have been in basically every single scent subscription club and have sampled so many amazing fragrances over the years, and while I certainly have my favorites, I sometimes find it fun to concoct my own designs.

In this video, I do a very basic how-to on diluting fragrance (or essential) oil. However the fun in this is being able to mix and match, so while I initially suggest starting with 40 drops of one scent, your recipe could maybe look something like this:

20 drops of a base note (musk, amber, vanilla, something woody)

15 drops of middle note (floral or fruity)

5 drops of a top note (something you will smell right off the bat, for example pineapple or raspberry, but will fade over time.)

Don't feel confined to these suggestions either! Change the amounts and types of scents used, this really is such a personal thing.

My two other suggestions include using enough pipettes so you're not cross-contaminating (everything should have it's own dropper.)

And, if you are mixing scents, mix small drops of your concoction on a thick card/tissue/popsicle stick, etc... before the bottle so you make sure it works together and you don't waste.

Please have fun and let me know if you plan on trying this! Links to the products I used are in the actual YouTube video (link HERE.)

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