New Dating App Lets You Leave Public Reviews On Profiles

Photo Credit: Getty Images

So this app is like an Uber rating, but the feedback is on your dating history instead of your drunk ride home? 🤷‍♀️

There’s a new dating app that lets users leave public reviews on people’s profiles. Meet Helium, where you can review people you’ve dated or talked to on the app. It lets you label any user with a ‘tag” after you’ve started talking to them and some of the tags are pretty brutal.

Users can choose from positive tags, like “funny,” “cute,” and “chill,” as well as some less appealing tags, like “cringe,” “rude,” “sleazy,” and “ghost.” The most common tag is then displayed on their profile once three or more users assign it to them. So if you’re someone who leaves people on read or ghosts after the first date, this may not be the app for you.

The tagging isn’t the only unique feature of Helium, there are no sending of likes and users don’t even have to match before chatting. It puts active users at the top of the feed, so you’re not likely to see people who don’t check their profile for months at a time. Basically, this app is trying to bring back the friendly conversation part of online dating, while letting you call out people as needed.