Burger King's NEW Logo Is Essentially A Throwback To 1998

So I had NO idea that Burger King was a Miami-based company, but considering the 305 is my hometown... I love that!

Anyways - that's not what this is about LOL Burger King had a logo from 1965 to 1998 and it featured their iconic bubble-letter logo and some buns. Well, in 1998 the logo got an overhaul which featured slanted letters and felt like it was all about the speediness of their service (cue the term FAST food)!

Well now, Burger King is going back to their old ways! The logo that was retired in 1998 is making a comeback! It's all about the food :)

By the way - the BK Mascot... the King if you will... will still very much be apart of Burger King regardless of this change LOL !

Here's the breakdown: IN with the OLD, OUT with the NEW!