Broward School Teachers Return To The Classroom

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On Monday, Broward teachers returned to their classrooms. According to Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie, of the 1,700 teachers who had been working from home, only 600 were allowed to continue working remotely. This due to severe health conditions.

Right now, about a quarter of the district’s students are in the classroom. However, Sup. Runcie says that the plan is to bring more back up to nearly half of the students. This is where he says the need for more teachers comes in. This is especially important for 59,000 students who are underperforming. Sup. Runcie said, “We found that students with F grades, the numbers are up from 4% to 11%. Our habitually truant students, those are students who have missed more than 15 days of school, that number went from 1,700 to over 8,200”.

Runcie also said that he’s working with legislators to get teachers moved up on the priority list for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Photo by: Getty Images