Lulu and Lala go virtual with Ana De la Reguera

Lulu and Lala sit down and chat with Ana De la Reguera - known for her roles in Nacho Libre, Narcos, and Jane the Virgin – to discuss her new TV Show launching on April 20th on streaming platform Pantaya. De la Reguera not only stars but created, wrote and produced the comedic series which revolves around her fictionalized character as a Latina actress in Hollywood carries the weight of her ex beauty queen mother’s half-baked dreams.

The twins also discuss what it is like being a Latina in Hollywood, address the importance of Latino representation in movies and shows as well as ageism in the industry. The ladies also question Ana on her struggles with transitioning from the South American market to Hollywood

“It wasn’t hard, what’s hard is to be consistent” Ana says, “but that’s what pushes me to keep working.”