Nursing Student Fights Off A Carjacking Attempt

A Connecticut nursing student fights off an attempted carjacking. Julitssa was heading home from a friend’s house at 2am on Saturday when she witnessed a car veer off the road and run into a pole. Concerned for their safety, the 24-year-old nursing student from Worcester, Connecticut, pulls over to check on the driver of the vehicle.

While she’s calling 911 for the driver of the wrecked car, the suspect police identify as 40-year-old William Vasbinder jumps into her running Nissan Rogue and starts to drive away. Julitssa wastes no time to stop him. “At first I bit him, and I think that startled him into kinda stopping the car,” she says. “Then I put him in a headlock to drive him out of the car.” Surveillance footage from a nearby business shows her car lurch forward and then come to a sudden stop as she and the carjacker struggle for control of the vehicle.

Julitssa felt like the scuffle went on forever, even though it was only a few seconds. She manages to get the vehicle into park and turns off the engine. Vasbender gets out of the vehicle and stumbles away before police arrive on the scene. Officers find him a few blocks away and arrest him on numerous charges — including carjacking and assault. Julitssa escaped the ordeal without injury, but police tell her the suspect has COVID and so she’s taking a few days off from work while she waits for test results.

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Source:CBS Local Boston

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