Nurse Stops On Street To Deliver Homeless Woman’s Baby

A nurse was running late to work in the Philippines when she was flagged down to help with a medical emergency. A homeless woman was in labor on a busy street in Manila and a local rescue worker spotted Lorrainne Pingol’s white uniform and stopped her to assist with delivering the baby.

Without even putting down her backpack, the nurse got to work finishing the emergency delivery, cutting the cord and making sure the entire placenta was removed from the mother’s uterus. Pingol says it has been almost a decade since she last helped bring a baby into the world, but says “when duty calls, you listen.”

She feels it could have been “fate” that she was in the right place at the right time to help, but she also wonders if, “Maybe God really intended for me to wake up late, so I could help the mother.”

Source:New York Post

Photo Credt: Getty Images