Jennifer Lopez Signs New Netflix Deal and GiGi Diaz is Celebrating!

By now you know I adore Jennifer Lopez, above all things, because of her ability to maximize her skills to build her empire. Her roots are as a performer, from back when she danced on In Living Color. So, over 20 years later she's still maximizing those skills performing all over the world, putting on amazing tours combing her dancing skills with her singing. She got a great push as an actress in her Selena role and she kept that going with easy to digest, fun to watch movies. But even outside of that, she's launched several other streams of income through her shoe line, skin care line, and fragrances. She is, what I call, a BOSS.

This is what I aspire for. I love my career in radio and that's my main focus always. Just like music is JLo's main focus despite every other side project she takes on. But I also have my dance studio which I opened 17 years ago, my life coaching company which I opened 3 years ago and a few other ideas to come in the future. Having established projects or streams of income is how you can make more money, doing less, so you can focus more on what you love, radio in my case.

Anyway, so since I admire JLo's biz savviness so much, I always get super excited when she has something new. She just signed a multi-year first-look deal with with Netflix where she will be creating films, TV series, and unscripted content with her company Nuyorican Productions. The focus will be on films and projects that support female writers, filmmakers, and actors. You know I'm all here for women supporting women!

Even though we're still waiting on the release of Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding, JLo is already working on her next film, the first to be part of the Netflix deal where she will star as a female assassin. It's scheduled for a late 2022 release

What's your favorite movie starring Jennifer Lopez? Who is your favorite character played by Jennifer Lopez?