Dexter is Back! Watch the Trailer Here.

This is the BEST news I've read all day. Dexter is coming back this fall for a limited series of 10 episodes!

I have watched this teaser that Showtime shared on Instagram at least 20 times. It's that iconic shift in his gaze from serial killer to sweet smile that gets me every.single.time. So damn sexy.

I've been in love with Michael C. Hall since his days in 6 Feet Under. He's such a phenomenal actor, he brings so much depth to his roles, and he's so freaking GORGEOUS!

Anyway, I'm excited that Showtime is bringing the show back and yes, I spammed their IG and their YouTube channel begging for them to keep the show longer than 10 episodes. I mean, is there even anything on TV right that competes with Dexter? No. There isn't. Nothing.

Oh and if you haven't watched this show, seasons 1-8 are streaming on Showtime now. No this isn't a plug for Showtime. I love that show so much I watched it all over again with my fiancé and now he's hooked too. If you get into Dexter, LET ME KNOW! If you're already into Dexter, LET'S HAVE A WATCH PARTY!

Photo: Getty Images

Also can we just pause for the shift in gaze, just one more time? Check it out on this tiny clip of the Stephen Colbert show.