WATCH:Janet Jackson Congratulate UCLA Gymnast Margzetta Frazier on FaceTime

Can you imagine getting a FaceTime call from Janet Jackson?? I can't imagine getting a FaceTime call from anyone (I'm on the Text me Don't Call Me team) but trust that if Janet Jackson called, I'd answer!

After flawlessly delivering an incredible routine to the tune of Janet Jackson songs, UCLA gymnast Margzetta Frazier got a congratulatory FaceTime call from the one and only Janet Jackson who wanted to share her appreciation for the routine.

"I just want to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your talent. It's so beautiful to see you tumble. Really inspiring," Jackson told the gymnast adding that her routine "inspired me to want to do more, and do better and be stronger." 

"I loved it. Absolutely loved it," she added. 

Jackson told Frazier she'd love to meet her next time she's in LA.

I'm a little jealous and totally inspired by seeing these two women, in totally different stages of their life, both of equal greatness, inspiring and inspired by each other. My heart is singing a happy tune.

Check out the FaceTime call below!

And just in case you didn't get a chance to check out Margzetta Frazier's routine, you can watch it below! She's a total rockstar.