Victoria Beckham Launches the Perfect Nude Lipstick with her Beauty Line

This is something I'm excited about... the perfect nude lipstick? I have my doubts cause I've tried over 2 dozen nudes and none have been perfect for my skin. See, I'm slightly tanned with an "olive hue" so pretty much I'm I'm neither white nor brown but instead I'm kinda yellow. It's a mission to find make up for my skin tone especially foundation and above all things nude lipstick. I look like a damn zombie with most nude colors. I always end up having to get a pink or brown tone instead of actual NUDE.

So when I heard Victoria Beckham was coming out with what she called "the perfect nude" on her TODAY interview I got excited. Like... very excited.

Then I went online and saw that the lipsticks are not only NOT shipping to the United States... but also selling for 98 Euros... which is a little over $100 ... I have never paid more than $25 for a lipstick... I am suddenly less excited for this "perfect nude."

So, some questions for you. What's the most you've paid for lipstick?

What's YOUR perfect nude (preferably NOT worth $100!)