Should I have a Virtual Wedding?

Let’s start with saying that I was sure I was never going to get married. After having a few incredibly crappy relationships and a few with great relationships with men who still weren’t the right fit for me, I realized that I was never going to settle for a person who wasn’t exactly everything I wanted and needed. I became convinced that person did not exist and, because I really do love my own company and have no problem being single I had excepted the fact that I would forever be the cool single aunt.

But then my fiancé came along. Despite me looking for flaws and trying to convince myself he wasn’t exactly what I’ve been hoping for, I fell in love.

Side note: this is why I truly believe no one should ever settle for a partner who doesn’t truly and entirely fulfill them. Your person is out there but you’ll never find him or her if you settle for someone great who still isn’t everything you want.

Anyway, back to the point.

Bae took me on my first trip to Europe and proposed on top of the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing.

We planned out wedding for May 2020. Even before COVID hit we had to reschedule to May 2021 cause we were moving, he was changing jobs, we were both launching new businesses and it was just too much to plan a wedding with everything else we have going on in our lives. Then COVID hit and we were so thankful that we had already moved our date.

Now, 6 months before our wedding my planner is reaching out to see “how we’re doing?” And .... I’m not well.

I am the person who doesn’t settle. I never even thought this wedding was going to happen and now that it is I hate to think that it can’t happen exactly the way I want it. Our initial guest list was under 100 people because we always wanted an intimate wedding. Our COVID guest list is 40 guests, which would make our venue feel empty. Masks will most likely be enforced and I just can’t fathom looking back at my wedding pictures five years from now and having my loved ones in masks. I definitely can’t wrap my head around walking down the aisle in a mask. That’s a definite NO for me.

So a friend of mine suggested a virtual wedding and, because I’ll give anything the benefit of contemplation, I’m thinking about the pros and cons. I’d love your thoughts and to have you help me think through this.

The biggest part of me feels that if I didn’t settle for the guy, I shouldn’t settle for the wedding. I want my wedding to be everything I imagined, not dictated by COVID. What do you think?

Go virtual or move it down, again, to 2022?

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