Trump Rally Goes Till 1AM Despite Curfew

I live in Hialeah just a few blocks from Opa-Locka Airport. Around 7p I was on the road on my way to dinner with Bae and there was police EVERYWHERE. Literally every corner had 2 officer from Hialeah PD for blocks before even getting to the airport. Of course we also saw the merch set ups and remembered President Trump had planned a last minute rally.

We were on the drive back home round 10:45p trying to meet curfew and police were still everywhere. I came to read this morning that the rally went on till about 1AM, way past the 11PM curfew.

It got me thinking about when they said curfew was mandatory UNLESS you were coming from a live sporting event and had a ticket to prove it. I thought that was BS cause if you can violate curfew to see the Dolphins play, I should be able to violate curfew for whatever I want to go watch or do. And if people are excused from breaking curfew for a rally - regardless of the candidate, that's not the point I'm making - then others should be allowed to break curfew on that same night for whatever they wanted to do. I would have loved to stay out later with bae but didn't want to end up in trouble with the curfew.

How do you feel about these selective curfews? Is it ok that it be enforced for some things like restaurants but not for others like sporting events? Would love your thoughts.