You Can Now Hum to Google for a Song!

This is insulting.

My Google almost NEVER understands me but now he can understand humming? The company released this new feature yesterday. You know when you have a melody in your head but you can remember exactly WHAT song it is? Well you can "Hey Google what song is this?" Google will put it's search engine mastery to work and tell you what song you're humming. You can also whistle or sing the song to get results. Just make sure you do so for 10-15 seconds.

I can't decide whether I'm excited or annoyed at this super cool feature.

Daniel, my fiance, has an ongoing joke (between he and himself) that every time Google replies to me with "I dont understand" my fiance says "It's your Miami accent babe."

First of all... My Miami accent is just fine!

Second of all... Google no me entiende a mi pero si entiende al reguero de gente desafinada que hay por ahi?

No puede ser posible 🤣