Jennifer Lopez Attacked by Fans Over Instagram Post

This one hit home cause... I love JLo... But... I kinda agree with the fans in her comments.

It’s no secret celebrities and influencers get paid by brands to post about them this is a great source of income and one of the many things I teach my branding clients how to do.

I’ve personally worked with national brands like Xfinity, Truist, Pandora and others. All brands I truly love.

The issue with endorsing brands is that doing so should never discredit YOUR brand. The trust of your followers and fans should always be a priority and never be sacrificed for a few bucks.

I’ve personally turned down partnerships with brands that were willing pay me a pretty penny, but didn’t align with ME. For example, while I do like vegetarian meals occasionally, I’m not vegetarian, so I’d be lying to you if I endorsed products for vegetarian lifestyles. While I do work out... occasionally... I’d be lying if I endorsed pre-workout products or weight sets. Make sense? It’s just not me and my followers know it.

A few days ago JLo put up an Instagram post promoting a coffee brand and she ran into some criticism from her fans who called her out on the endorsements since she has often said she doesn’t drink caffeine.

Other fans also called her out on a previous post about vodka because she has often said on interviews that she doesn’t drink alcohol...

Is JLo selling out for the money?

Does it matter?