Columbus Day is Cancelled in these States

This year has been full of changes and shifts, small and huge, nationally and personally. From school and work going virtual, to working in pajamas, to cancelled concerts, cancelled hugs, and now... cancelled holidays.

Virginia is the most recent state to cancel Columbus Day celebrations and replace the holiday with Indigenous People Day instead. While I just recently learned about this movement, it looks like the current list of cities who ditched the federal holiday is at 130 and growing each year.

How do you feel about the switch?

I think there is SO MUCH value behind celebrating indigenous people, what they represent, what they've suffered, who they are. I say they should have their own federal holiday, rather than have to celebrate on Columbus Day. Do I think Columbus coming to America was followed by atrocities? Absolutely. Are they justifiable? Not at all. Should we delete the history and replace it with the bandaid of celebrating those we hurt instead. Also, no. I personally think we should own up to the hurtful history and the mistakes of the past and do what we can today to become better, stronger, kinder and more aware. Just like we should try to do if these were personal mistakes. Don't brush them under the rug. Learn from them. Become better. Find a way to make up for it.

Would love your thoughts.