Red Table Talk: The Estefans Brings Latino Relationships to Light

I've caught a few episodes of The Red Table with the Smiths and let me tell you, the show is GREAT. I love the open and unfiltered conversation. They remain respectful and open to learning and listening while unapologetically sharing their truths.

I'm SO flipping excited to see that this how is now going to feature such an awesome hispanic group. The Estefans are now going to have their own Red Table show and the first episodes have already been great. When asked on the Today how this show would differ from the other Red Table show Gloria Estefan replied "we're cuban!" And I don't think everyone got it until she leaned to grab something from the table next to her and said "I'm bringing my gavel to the table!"

They will be talking about break ups and family topics that are really sensitive to the Latino community (being gay, divorce, to name a few) and I am eager to see how they carry out these relevant conversations.

I've always admired Gloria and Emilio and I know that they will be amazing in this show. Are you excited to watch?