Sleepover at the Last Existing Blockbuster? Count me in!

Talk about a trip to the 90s! Well... way before the 90s too! Anyway, definitely back to my childhood, that's for sure!

Air B&B is offering the opportunity to stay the night at the last Blockbuster in the world. Best part? You can do it for just $4! Sandi Harding, the store owner, is renting the place exclusively to residents of Deschutes County, where the store is located and rentals are available for up to four guests per household allowed per night.

I'm totally hoping this exclusive experience opens up to the public too cause man... what a nostalgic experience (in a good way) to be inside a Blockbuster again! I remember Friday nights my parents would take my brother and I to Blockbuster right by my house, (it's now an AMSCOT) and I would choose any movie I wanted and my brother would choose a video game. We were each allowed one candy snack. I would always go for yogurt covered raisins (which I can't find anywhere anymore these days) and my brother would have whatever gummy candy he'd find. No sodas were allowed cause "eso tenemos en la casa."

Ah to be 12 again...

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