Kelly Ripa's Daughter Calls 'Thirst Traps' Of Mark Consuelos 'Disgusting'

If you follow Kelly Ripa on Instagram, you know she's fond of posting thirst trap photos of her husband Mark Consuelos. The posts usually feature a shirtless Consuelos along with the hashtag daddy. Earlier this year, Ripa addressed the backlash she gets from followers for kinds of posts and admitted she actually kind of enjoys the trolling.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping back in March, Ripa said she believes the fixation over her pet name for Consuelos is more about "social interaction" than anything truly mean-spirited. “People on Instagram have very strong opinions, and I’m here for all of it,” she said. “Listen, back in the day... if you hated somebody, you really had to mean it. You had to write a letter on a piece of paper with a pen. Then, you had to figure out where to mail it. You had to buy a stamp. You had to seal the letter, and you had to mean it, like, ‘I’m going to mean this in a week from now when you receive this letter.’”

It turns out strangers on the internet aren't the only ones who complain about Ripa's flirty posts about her husband, either. While chatting with People for their inaugural family issue, Ripa and her 19-year-old daughter Lola joked about the thirst trap posts. Ripa revealed that Lola told her she shouldn't clap back at haters on social media. "I thought you were going to tell not to post thirst trap pictures of your dad," Ripa said.

Lola hilariously responded to her mom by calling her Instagram posts of Consuelos "disgusting" and that she "had to block them out of my mind." She even told Ripa she "forgot" her mom even did that.

Ripa then jokes that Lola had to unfollow and block her on Instagram because of her regular posts about Consuelos, though Lola claims she would "never" actually block her mom on Instagram.

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