A Floating Cinema Is Coming To South Florida!

COVID-19 shut down lots of industries, including movie theaters. This brought back The Drive in Theater with a bang!

Well, considering we’re surrounded by water and boating is such a big part of living in Florida, a Floating Cinema seems like a great idea! This is exactly what an Australian entertainment company is putting together for the week of September 9th.

The cinema will be made up of 12 to 24 mini boats, holding up to 8 people per boat. Tickets will require you to purchase the whole boat to ensure that groups will be seated with friends and family only, and to allow for social distancing on and between boats!

Movies are set to be a mix of golden oldies and new releases but will be announced when tickets go on sale! There will be free popcorn for everyone attending, and other movie snacks and drinks will be available to purchase before you set sail. 

You can purchase your tickets by clicking here.