Taking it back to 1994 with Boys II Men, Sábado Gigante and GiGi Diaz

I'm so happy to hear from so many listeners sharing their favorite 90s memories and loving the music with this new shift on Totally 93.9 All 90s, All the time. It's like flashback central for me too! Earlier today we played Boys II Men, MowtownPhilly and for me that's a trip down memory lane to having just arrived here from Cuba. You probably know I've been dancing flamenco since I was 4. Back in 1994, the year I immigrated, Sábado Gigante used to have kids dance competitions and the winner would win $1000. I was sitting on the couch next to my grandfather and my mom watching other kids compete on the show. I had goosebumps. I hadn't danced in MONTHS and this felt the only chance I had to be able to.

I whispered in my mom's ear that I wanted to compete and within a few weeks I was all done up and on set ready to compete. The dancer before me was a young boy. I had never seen hip hop before so watching him break it down to Boys II Men, MowtownPhilly blew my mind. Plus.... he was SOOO CUTE. I was next and I was told I'd go on right away but Don Francisco threw me off messing around with how to pronounce my name. When I heard the start of my song I felt more determination to win than I can explain. I got the max score from all 3 judges and won the cash.

I was PUMPED to win against a style of dance I had never seen before, and against the super cute boy! This was my first official paycheck in the United States, and my family's. After this I went onto become part of the show's dance team and here began my broadcast career in the states.