Garth Brooks Live-Streamed Drive-In Concert An 'Overwhelming Success'

While some people are still adjusting to living the pandemic lifestyle, one person already reaping the benefits of it is Garth Brooks.

Reports claim that, at $100/car, the country act got 350,000 fans to show up at 100 drive-ins across the country to screen a pre-recorded live-stream. The promoter for the event called it an “overwhelmingly successful on all accounts. The amount of interest from major headliners has been unbelievable.” This is great because there still isn't a vaccine out yet for COVID-19 Coronavirus so the "new norm" for concerts in the foreseeable future is gonna have to basically be just like this Garth Brooks event.

We can see the Swifties, Barbz, and of course Rihanna Navy and Beyhive showing up and boasting numbers similar to these... would you attend a drive-in pre-recorded live-stream?