America’s Most Popular ‘90s Rom-Coms Will Make You Swoon

Feeling nostalgic? Maybe it's time to hit play on one of your favorite '90s rom-coms. Between Clueless, You've Got Mail, My Best Friend's Wedding and so many more, there's nothing quite as heartwarming as the love stories from this decade.

USDish compiled a list of the top 10 romantic comedies debuting between 1990-1999. Those movies, including Notting Hill and Pretty Woman, were then plugged into Google Trends to examine search volume by state over the past year. Now we know which rom-com is most popular in every single state. Here's what USDish found:

The Most Popular ’90s Rom Coms in Each State:

Alabama: Clueless

Alaska: The Wedding Singer

Arizona: Clueless

Arkansas: Father of the Bride

California: Clueless

Colorado: Father of the Bride

Connecticut: Clueless

Delaware: While You Were Sleeping

District of Columbia: Notting Hill

Florida: My Best Friend's Wedding

Georgia: My Best Friend's Wedding

Hawaii: Clueless

Idaho: Father of the Bride

Illinois: My Best Friend's Wedding

Indiana: My Best Friend's Wedding

Iowa: My Best Friend's Wedding

Kansas: You've Got Mail

Kentucky: Father of the Bride

Louisiana: Clueless

Maine: The Wedding Singer

Maryland: Clueless

Massachusetts: Clueless

Michigan: Father of the Bride

Minnesota: Father of the Bride

Mississippi: Pretty Woman

Missouri: My Best Friend's Wedding

Montana: Father of the Bride

Nebraska: My Best Friend's Wedding

Nevada: Father of the Bride

New Hampshire: The Wedding Singer

New Jersey: Clueless

New Mexico: My Best Friend's Wedding

New York: Pretty Woman

North Carolina: My Best Friend's Wedding

North Dakota: The Wedding Singer

Ohio: Father of the Bride

Oklahoma: Father of the Bride

Oregon: Clueless

Pennsylvania: The Wedding Singer

Rhode Island: Clueless

South Carolina: My Best Friend's Wedding

South Dakota: You've Got Mail

Tennessee: My Best Friend's Wedding

Texas: My Best Friend's Wedding

Utah: You've Got Mail

Vermont: While You Were Sleeping

Virginia: Clueless

Washington: 10 Things I Hate About You

West Virginia: You've Got Mail

Wisconsin: The Wedding Singer

Wyoming: The Wedding Singer

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Photo: Buena Vista Pictures/USDish