DJ Tracy Young speaks her truth on Kim Zolciak

This past Sunday, (April 22) Bravo aired the final installment for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion where my name was mentioned in a slanderous way. After 8 years of silence, I felt it was important to voice my truth and Page Six provided me with that opportunity in an interview to express my discomfort. The article can be found here and the interview clip is below.

I am an accomplished DJ / Producer and the storyline of a reality TV Show has unfortunately overshadowed my 25 years in the music industry as a woman. I have worked with some amazing women like Madonna and Diane Warren and to be labeled and reduced to a “box l***ing lesbian” on a reality TV show is just ridiculous and I am fed up with this ignorance. 

This woman against woman hate needs to stop.

When I'm not on-air with my iHeart family at 93.9 MIA and Y100, my focus is in the studio working on new music production for my own label, Ferosh Records.